Testimonials (2017)

Ali Serdaroğlu / Faf Vana
Vice Chairman

We have been participating in SODEX Ankara Fair for four years and in the SODEX fairs for around 18 years. There is a fair in Istanbul every two years and a fair in Ankara again every two years.  As Faf Vana we have our business in Ankara and we have been participating in the SODEX fairs for almost twenty years.

We are happy about participating in the SODEX Fairs. In SODEX Fairs we are able to introduce our new products, exchange information, get the most up-to-date information from our visitors; give information about our company, get information about our sector from the visitors from Turkey and also from abroad, exchange information with participating companies in our sector. We have contacts with the new openings in foreign markets and the countries where there are opportunities. We can concentrate on these countries and we exchange information in the scope of sector solidarity. We are very happy about participating in the SODEX Fair.

We will be participating in the SODEX Fair to be held in TÜYAP in 2018 which is the meeting point of the sector. In İstanbul whether the fair surface area, the number of participants and number of visitors is much larger compared to Ankara; therefore we are planning to participate and we have signed our contract for participating.

Mehmet Şanal / Üntes
Chairman of the Board

This is the fourth SODEX Fair in Ankara and we have participated in all four. Since our headquarters is in Ankara SODEX Ankara Fair is important for us. We have strong communication with our existing customers and especially with visitors coming from Anatolia and from the public institutions

All SODEX fairs are meeting points for the sector. We can strengthen our communication with colleagues from the sector, come together and share our new products, newly developed technologies with our existing customers and the market in general. In addition to this, one of the reasons why we participate in the SODEX fairs this year is that we are introducing our new product, the VRF systems to our customers. After our customers in İzmir, we are also introducing the Hisense VRF systems to our customers in Ankara. And we will be realizing much more energetic marketing activities for Hisense in the future.

We will continue to participate in the SODEX fairs with the one in Istanbul in 2018. We will be making some surprises in the SODEX fair next year. As you know two months prior, the Üntes R&D department has become a R&D center. We hope to meet with the sector next year in Istanbul with the new products which our R&D center has developed.

Erimhan Çakır / Kayse
Mechanical Engineer

We have been participating in the SODEX fairs regularly since we were founded. We have always been present in Istanbul, in Ankara and in İzmir because these are the meeting points of our sector. The fairs are meeting venues for us; we have the chance to meet all the people who we have business with or potential contacts in these fairs held here or abroad. I think SODEX is really very successful and I believe that these are the most important fairs of our sector. You know the next fair is in İstanbul, we will again be there and it will again be a meeting point for us with our customers in Turkey and abroad.

Zahid Poyraz / S&P AFS Air Conditioning
General Manager

We have been participating in SODEX fairs for long years. SODEX was originally a fair organization held in Istanbul. It is being organized biannually in Ankara since 2011. And we are participating in it since its first year, 2011.

Although it is only the second day of the fair we are very happy about it up till now. Yesterday Mehmet Özhaseki, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization honored us in the opening ceremony. We have visited the booths together and we were able to present our sector to him. Our customers and officials from the public institutions, the ministries and the inspection authorities are coming and we introduce them the new technology products. We are able to introduce latest trend noise-sensitive products and energy products to our customers and to end-users.

We have reserved our place in ISK-SODEX Istanbul 2018 and we are looking forward to it. We have started our preparations from now on and we want to be prepared for the 2018 fair in the best way with our newest, most advanced technology and most environment-friendly products. In 2018 we will also place emphasis on training and we want to have interactive trainings in our booth. This is one of the plans we have for the 2018 fair.

Mehmet Karabaş / Alfa Kazan
General Manager Assistant

As Alfa, a machine and boiler company, we were established in 1986. We manufacture heating boilers, pressure vessels and water heaters. As Alfa Solar we are manufacturing photovoltaic solar panels. We have been participating in the SODEX fairs since the 2000’s. We have participated in all SODEX Ankara fairs and we are planning to continue to participate. We are also planning to participate in the coming ISK-SODEX Istanbul 2018.

Our purpose in participating in the fairs is to reach out to new users, new customers and new contractors, to create a new platform in order to introduce our products to the correct persons and to analyze the situation of the markets that we are targeting.

The importance of SODEX fairs for us is that it is the correct platform to show our new products and existing products. I believe that we can reach our target audience when we present our products here correctly. Its importance for the sector is that it gives us the opportunity to analyze the current status of the sector as it includes companies who bring forth their brands & products, provide or aims to provide persistence.

Fikret Atabey / Üstünel
Area Manager

Üstünel has been manufacturing submersible pumps with %100 local production since 1978. We have approximately 40% market share in Turkey and we have exports to 32 countries. We have been participating in the SODEX Fairs since the very beginning. This is our first time in the Ankara fair and we are very happy although it is only the second day. This is a nice fair and the organization is successful for us. I believe that we have good returns from this fair.

SODEX has become a brand among the fairs in Turkey; we are able to test the pulse of the sector here. Here we can contact people from Turkey or from abroad who we cannot normally reach easily, exchange views with the other companies and this is really good for us.

We will again be present in the ISK-SODEX Istanbul 2018 Fair and we will participate again in the following years.

Murat Erenoğlu / Isıdem
General Manager

We are participating in SODEX Ankara for the first time. We have participated in ISK-SODEX Istanbul once before. As Isıdem, we are an insulation company founded in 2014. We are producing elastomeric rubber foam. We know how influential the SODEX fairs are in our sector; so we participated in the Istanbul fair in 2016. We are participating in Ankara for the first time. We have also participated in teskon. We are trying to be present in SODEX organizations.

We produce insulation materials for heating and cooling equipments. We also produce some products for the HVAC sector. Our target groups are the end users in heating, cooling and HVAC sectors, contractors, implementers and project designers. Therefore, since we consider these fairs as platforms, where we can reach our target groups and convey our messages to them in the easiest way, and we believe that SODEX is important on this regard, we participate in these fairs.

We have participated in ISK-SODEX Istanbul 2018 Fair for the first time and launched our elastomeric rubber foam production and also our new products. We had received the Investment of the Year Award for our sector in 2015 and we have introduced it for the first time in ISK-SODEX Istanbul. And today in SODEX Ankara we are launching the heat insulation product of the year. We have received an award again in 2016 with this product. In 2018 we will be in ISK-SODEX Istanbul. The new location of ISK-SODEX Istanbul is also exciting for us. We hope that it will be a fair where we can meet our target audience and show our products. We hope that ISK-SODEX Istanbul will be even more successful at the new location.